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This update was added on January 19 2005 by Vivienne.

Along the coastal roadway between Illian and Tear, a woman stands atop a cliff and looks out toward the sea. A ship is bearing too closely towards hidden rocks, so she quickly grabs some tinder and flint. With a quick, decisive strike she lights the tinder and sets fire to the beacon... But too late for the ship. Wind and waves has forced it to the rocks, and the soon-to-be wreck will be easy pickings for smugglers and scavengers...

  • The Illian to Tear Road, by Kaitsey and Tamarlyn.
  • The Coastal Roadway, by Vivienne and Elysia
  • The Tear to Illian Road, by Tamarlyn, Elysia and Vivienne.

There are several modules to these zones that are not currently in place due to some of the fixes needed for mobol at this time. As these features are released they will be released via live play and quests.

Please report bugs or problems via mail to the Zone Admin forum.