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This update was added on September 1 2018 by Voices of the Wheel.

The three good, chokiest zones of the Illian-Tear Road have been re-connected to the game, restoring the road connection between the nations of Illian and Tear. The idea being that Lugard is north of Illian and the Tear Road is two zones east of Lugard, so Illian and Tear should be approximately that far apart, and not the much longer trek than that road once was. Not to mention, the western section was a 3 room wide highway that was wholly unsuitable for pk, let alone low numbers pk.

Magita is back in action, although her loads might need to be tweaked. She does load her ornate shirt on low %.

The lower stretch of Magita's zone, with the beach, sinking village and the wreckers' tower has been connected as I had intended when I built that section of the zone, forming an alternate route around the Magita fort that should connect perfectly on a map.

A small CTF patrol was added, to be used by Illian and/or Tear.

Some exp might be removed from Illian and Tear now that a chunk of the exp mobs on the road are back.

Gorin Rogad, the False Dragon, still manages to wreak havoc as a spectre. Time will tell how he can be stopped permanently.

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