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This update was added on January 16 2019 by Voices of the Wheel.

A man in a fur coat opens the greatdoor and steps into the bitter Kandori cold. Closing the door carefully behind him, he walks through the city, carrying a stack of papers, tacks and a small hammer. Stopping at various places, he tacks a sheet against the wall, the sound of the hammer ringing clear through the cold air. Curious passersby quickly come cast a glance, reading:

Honorable citizens of Chachin and Kandor,

After losing several Guild members to a darkfriend plot, we, the Kandori Merchants' Guild, seek new members to join us. As a guild, we endeavor to strengthen Kandor through trade and commerce instead of soldiering. While of course we seek profit, we put the needs of our nation and its role in the defense of the Blightborder first.

Seek out Master Merchant Paetram to learn more about the Guild and how you may join.

For Kandor!


OOC: we are using the Mael Mahdi'in clan slot for this clan. This means that you will see [Mael Mahdi'in} appear in the future, but it will refer to the KMG. Also, view clan does not work for this clan, until we get a coder to fix that.