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This update was added on October 6 2008 by Elysia.

Somewhere in the Empire, an Ogier Treesinger's deep tones brought life to a field of kaf. Quivering, the plants grew and flourished, until they bowed under their berry laden branches. As the Ogier looked over his work, a bird flew towards the shrubs and ate a few of the berries.

That night, a fierce storm blew eastwards from Seanchan, and an exhausted bird finally made landfall. It flew further inland, finally discarding a few seeds east of the Misty Mountains. With the strength of the Ogier's singing still in them, the seeds quickly grew and became fully grown bushes themselves. At times, the bushes quivered and moved... despite there being no wind.

OOC: I've made some new mobs in two places for Seanchan to use. This is a test, to see if 'friendly foliage' can serve as an alternative in balancing pk as opposed to humanoid mobs that would further the invasion further than fits the timeline. Since it's a test, it can also be removed again, though I hope this will actually work!

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