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Saniago Torres strode down the spiralling hallway of the Black Tower, his retinue of Aes Sedai, Asha'man and a contingent of Maidens of the Spear following him closely. Colorful friezes depicting the seven Ajahs' colors still decorated the halls. Siuan Sanche quietly thanked Saniago Torres for that. At least he had respect for the Ogier's workmanship and the history of the Tower. The Hall of the Sitters was now the Hall of the Asha'man. Perhaps if a more diplomatic Sister had been the Amyrlin Seat when Torres' army approached the Shining Walls, things may have been different. As it was, Elaida do Avriny a'Roihan had been the Amyrlin Seat after deposing Siuan and Elaida had not been willing to surrender to a male channeler, a twice and twice marked Dragon Reborn wielding Callandor or not.

A hapless servant who was too late to get out of the way was shoved aside by a burst of Air that did not come from any woman in the retinue. Oh, but Torres was in a mood. She had warned him. The nations of the alternate world would never bow to an outside threat.

They moved outside the Tower into the grounds, to an area designated for making Gates. Torres nodded at one of the Aes Sedai, who wove a gateway to an area bordering the Spine. They stepped through the Gate onto a hill overlooking a large field. The sight before their eyes was something to behold. A mass of Aiel and Dragonsworn stood neatly arranged in squares. One of the squares just begun moving to a hollow in the plains. Siuan embraced the True Source. With her enhanced vision, she could see one of the men touching the stone column in the middle of the hollow. A bright flash of light illuminated the horizon and then the group was gone. Another square started marching towards the hollow. It had begun.