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This update was added on February 5 2018 by Giramael.

The black flame at Ruined Keep well will now transport to the following locations:

1. Lugard (enter flame lugard)
2. Amadicia (enter flame amadicia)
3. Tear Road (enter flame tear)

These locations are one way journeys.

4. Blodfest Camp (enter flame camp)

This location is a return trip to Ruined Keep (enter flame) for all trollocs.

5. Stronghold (enter flame stronghold)
6. Thakan'dar (enter flame thakandar)

These locations are return trips to Ruined Keep (enter flame) for all darkside players including fades and dreadlord.

Ahf'frait & Ko'bal, check your clan forums for additional information relating to you.

Additionally, barracks for all of DS have been added to wb fade.

Please report any bugs by posting on bugs forum.


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