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This update was added on July 25 2017 by Voices of the Wheel.

The Companions approached the cove under the cover of night. They drew up in a semi-circle and moved the false rock, then charged in. Nothing. Patros Leander had gone.

The grieving widower had moved in with relatives in Illian, his own farm having turned to dust due to lack of attention, yet he was still as hostile to strangers as ever and he frequently sat at the homestead with the doors locked, whispering about his deceased wife Amyrna.

Further north, Culyn was raging at the letter he had just received. Disowned!? How dare these women? Counsels, pshaw! Fortunately he had reached out to less reputable friends in Illian and Tear who might be able to fund his quest for justice.

As part of the "condensing action" campaign, parts of the southern minismob chain have been moved to the vicinity of Illian, following the skeleton of the mud more as opposed to moving laterally.