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Thick-muscled and deeply tanned, this tall man works long and grueling hours. His rough brogue barks orders to other men and women, sounding as much as an insult for all the colorful words laced in. "We'll need more wood and iron. Send word to the Corenne stationed in Falme. We'll need more than what we have. But, we might have enough soon." He continued to work the log in his hands with vigorous passion. "We'll give those blasted goat-lovin' spawn. The cursed Shadow will never remain."

Her lace cap adorned her head, covering a shaven scalp. She stood doggedly over maps with various weights and counters detailing very specific things. There was an exhaustion in her eyes, but they still wielded a penetrating and commanding gaze. "What news? Have we heard anything from the isle?" No words answered and she glowered idly.

But, they would find enough material building supplies. They only hoped that enough soldiers would attend the call of the Corenne.

Sometime on Saturday, June 24, when enough Seanchan have rallied to the call, they would find enough wood.