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This update was added on October 10 2016 by Elysia.


After reading the feedback on what worked and what didn't, I tweaked a few more weapons. Pretty minor changes, all in all.

I didn't remove 2h combo longblades because then 2h combo would only have tridents and staves as an option. Long story short, after doing the math for warriors, combo warriors who need level 7 survival and level 7 ride in order to pk up in Blight and some west zones, I found the pracs for those don't work out so well with 1h weapons because of the cost of the ride/survival/notice/dodge. I don't want to put warriors out of business and/or limit them by forcing them to use 1h weapons or 2 classes of 2h combo weapons, so I let 2h combo lblades stay as a class. Also keeping in mind the blademaster emotes, here. At least, I think those also apply to 2h combo lblades.

Here's a summary of the changes:

I didn't look at the medium blade class, since I'm still at a loss at what to do with it.

2h combo lblades: Small damage tweak to scimitars and jaggeds.

1h combo lblades: Upped weight, ob and pb on oddly curved longsword and brass hilted. They previously had lower ob than 2h combo lblades, so hopefully that will be rectified now. The other changes should help with bash some. Hopefully I didn't make them too OP now.

1h combo axes: Upped ob and weight on saw toothed axe.

1h combo clubs: Upped ob and pb on metal banded cudgel and bone club. Downed weight on cudgel slightly, since it received a decent pb boost.

2h combo polearms: Some weigth added to barbed steel trident. More ob, less pb, slightly less weight, but better damage for blue steel trident. This essentially makes polearms the heavier class of 2h combo options, so they will have their own niche, which is nice.

2h staves: Leatherleaf got a small upping in ob to make it a bit more viable, while still letting the ob remain as the biggest drawback.

2x abs axes: Titanic axes have gotten a bit more reliable in their damage.

1h spears: Mahogany spear ob, damage and weight upped a bit.

Shortblades: Sai given more parry and damage, it still won't stab for obvious reasons.

Fencing blades: Foil made a bit better so it's an alternative to rapier.

Javelins: Pine javelin ob upped slightly. Damage rolls altered a teensy bit.

I propose that since less weapons were change this time, we do another review and feedback thing in 3 months. As far as I'm concerned, we can keep on going with repeat reviews until we're mostly happy with general balance, although I realize that it will probably impossible to please everyone.