Weapons are items a player can wield and use to inflict damage in combat. Weapons can be one-handed, allowing use of a shield, or two-handed, in which case no shield can be worn. Some weapons bridge this gap and can either be wielded one or two-handed.

Some members of certain weapon classes can be used in conjunction with special abilities such as Attack, Backstab, Charge, and Throw. All weapons (as well as Shields) can be used with the Bash skill, though not all to the same effect.

Weapons can also be sheathed, with the weapon class determining which sheath can hold it. Sheaths come in the form of specialized items, and additionally some items from certain armor and trinket classes can sheath.

Weapon Classes

Each weapon class (aka "broad group") consists of 3 or 4 weapon groups. Learning a weapon skill in one group will give some limited skill in the other groups in the same family. Thus, learning short blades gives some limited skill in long blades as well. That means that it's quite feasible for a non-warrior to be good in two types of weapons, and it's possible for a warrior to be good in many many different weapons (two families even).






Honing and Hardening

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For a price, Master Blacksmiths located in various cities can improve weapons in two steps known as honing and hardening.

  • Honing - provides an additive 2d4 damage bonus to the weapon and the ability to hit spirit type mobs, at a cost of 75 gold crowns.
  • Hardening - adds an additional 5 points to the weapon's base Offensive bonus (OB), at a cost of an additional 150 gold crowns.

Durability and mending

A weapon starts out in pristine condition, when it is new. As it is worn in fights, its damage output will slowly degrade. Weapons can be repaired at a weaponsmith or by use of an oilstone or a sandstone, depending on the weapon type. The worse the condition of a weapon is, the more often it will have to be mended.

Syntax (shops): Stand in the room with the smith and type mend <weapon>, where weapon is the short description on your item. A fee will be charged for this.

Syntax (stone): While dismounted, remove <weapon>, hold stone, then mend <weapon>. Note that if attempted in the same room as a weaponsmith, he will instead take the weapon and mend it, for a price.

Master Weapons

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