White Leopards
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The White Leopards are a military organization of the Seanchan Empire under which Sul'dam and Damane are organized.

The Sul'dam and Damane Handbook provides initial governance of their behavior:

  • No grouping with known male channelers, ever. The Dragon Reborn will kneel before the Crystal Throne. All other male channelers need to be culled to prevent another Breaking of the World.
  • No grouping with known marath'damane, ever. Not even to combat the Shadow or in the Great Blight. Not to "attempt to capture them", "study them" or anything of the sort. Not ever. This includes members of the White Tower and any other of the unleashed ones, whether they are affiliated with a group, or not.
  • You will obey your superiors (within reason). Whether that is a der'sul'dam, a higher ranking sul'dam, or a Seanchan tactical leader. You have not studied tactics to the extent those in the military have. You just control your damane and through her may change the outcome of a situation.
  • Always address your fellow Seanchan appropriately. No public arguments with other Seanchan. If there is an issue, handle it privately. We are to be seen as a cohesive force, serving the Empress, may she live forever.
  • Maintain an appropriate title: include whether you are a sul'dam or damane.
  • Rank 1 sul'dam and damane are restricted to Seanchan lands.


Lisaine also offers weave pracs: The following weaves have been blocked, no matter one's rank: Incinerate, Sleep, Travel (sul'dam and damane are a pair, so Travel is out). The others are blocked because sul'dam and damane are there to serve the Empress and the Corenne, not just themselves through solo activities.

Rank 1-4 will have maximum level 3 weaves, e.g. "wilder" weaves. Rank 5+ will have access to all weaves, minus aforementioned Incinerate, Sleep and Travel.



Clan Gear[]

Equipment Retools[]

  • Kit 1
    • <worn on head>
    • <worn on body>
    • <worn on arms>
    • <worn on hands>
    • <worn on legs>
    • <worn on feet>
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