Instructions[edit | edit source]

White Wine
Release date Unknown edit
Required Item 1 A thick brown sack
Required Item 2 a bunch of grapes
Required Item 3 None edit
Required Item 4 None edit
Zone Cairhien Province
Teaching Room A Crushing, Fermenting and Bottling Shed
Crafting Room A Crushing, Fermenting and Bottling Shed
You say 'make white wine'

The farmhand says 'White wine. Excellent, I will tell you how to make some.'

The farmhand says 'Go find a place that has the right things for making wine: a barrel near a cellar.'

The farmhand says 'Get a few bunches of grapes, and put them in a sack. Close the sack.'

The farmhand says 'Attach the short end of the sack to a standing pole.'

The farmhand says 'Then attach the other short end to a pole and place a barrel underneath the sack.'

The farmhand says 'Grab the pole and turn it, so the grapes are crushed and the juice leaks through the sack and into the barrel.'

The farmhand says 'Leave it to ferment for a while.'

The farmhand says 'Then sieve the wine, close the barrels and let the wine ripen to the desired flavor.'

The farmhand says 'Finally pour the wine into some empty casks.'
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