Why Walk When You Can Ride?
Vital statistics
Start The Village of Kintara
End The Village of Kintara
Level 1-?
Location The Hills of Kintara
Rewards a white stable ticket

5 gold crowns

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A Place to Stay

Why Walk When You Can Ride? is the first of four quests offered by Clive, a quest giver in the village of Kintara south of Caemlyn.

Quest Summary

Clive's first quest has the player to go speak with Vatrin Al'Jarvis to learn about the basics of practices and hunter practices in particular. On returning, he'll give a more detailed explanation of horses, riding, and stabling along with a small reward.

Starting the Quest

Clive will greet a player when they enter the room, assuming that their level is not too high for his quests.

Saying 'quest' will result in Clive providing an explanation of your current task.

Quest Guide

Vatrin Al'Jarvis is located 2n, 1w, 1n of the East Gate of Caemlyn, in the room 'The Caretaker's Cottage'. Saying 'practice' in his room causes him to go through a short dialogue about how practices work and general directions to the other practice trainers in the city. He also has some suggestions about which skills would be best to learn for new players. At the end of the mobol, Vatrin will give the player an apple and tell them to give it to Clive in order to complete the quest.

Note: For new players, it is recommended to practice Ride to level 3 and Survival to level 1 while you are doing the quest, as Vatrin suggests.


Handing the apple over to the Clive will result in him giving the player additional information about horses, riding, and stabling horses. He also rewards the player with a free stable ticket and the money necessary to stable the horse again.

If you happen to lose (or eat!) the apple, you can go back to Vatrin and trigger his mobol for another one.

Newbie Quests
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