Winged Guard
Release date December 29 2003 (Update)
Nation Mayene
Base Mayene

The Winged Guard is a Justice Clan representing the city-state of Mayene.


Here stands a man bearing the insignia of the Golden Hawk. He stands straight, with pride showing in his face.

"The fight for justice continues, and the ranks of the Winged Guard are swelling against the oppression of Tear. Recruitment will begin anew for those who wish to serve the Lady First in her struggle for Freedom. We do not, nor will we ever succumb to the pompous dignitaries of Tear. All of those who are interested in the glory, honor, and camaraderie associated with the Winged Guards should send letters of intent to Lords Aldwyn, Santino, or Lady Marie. If you would like to speak with one of them, you will likely find them around the lands of Mayene, and they will be more than willing to answer any questions you may have.

The requirements for applying are simple:
1. Be willing to learn.
2. Be respectful and active.
3. Be in good standing with other nations.
4. Be as strong as twenty (wo)men, though to join the ranks of the Guards you must train until you can best thirty regular (wo)men (level 20 to apply, and level 30 before you can be clanned)

No experience is required in fighting, nor do you have to be a social genius (pk and roleplay). These things will be taught and you will learn from the best in the land.

Find us in-game or send them a letter by forum mail if you are interested."

For the Glory of the First! May the Golden Hawk forever fly, higher than the reach of any Stone!


  • Rank 1: Recruit
  • Rank 2: Soldier
  • Rank 3: Squadman
  • Rank 4: Bannerman
  • Rank 5: Squad Leader
  • Rank 6: Lieutenant
  • Rank 7: Lord Lieutenant
  • Rank 8: Captain
  • Rank 9: Lord Captain

Clan Gear[]

Equipment Retools[]

  • Kit 1
    • <worn on head> a crimson helmet with a hawk beak faceguard
    • <worn on body> a crimson breastplate engraved with a golden hawk
    • <worn on arms> a pair of crimson hawk engraved vambraces with gold inlay
    • <worn on hands> a pair of crimson steel gauntlets etched with golden hawks
    • <worn on legs> a pair of crimson hawk engraved greaves with gold inlay
    • <worn on feet> a pair of crimson-steel plate boots with reinforced spiked soles
  • Kit 2
    • <worn on head>
    • <worn on body>
    • <worn on arms>
    • <worn on hands> a pair of feather backed gauntlets with hawk talon grips
    • <worn on legs>
    • <worn on feet>
  • Other
    • <held> a blue banner bearing a flying golden hawk
    • <wielded> a crimson lance with streamers
    • <worn as shield> a crimson shield emblazoned with a golden hawk
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