Wisdom Lore is a Hunter skill used for the treating of incapacitated player characters or mobs, as well as for the mixing of various potions. Wisdom Lore works by Levels, which go up every 14 practice percentage points. Higher levels of Wisdom Lore (may) bring additional advantages, which are detailed below.


To treat someone, a minimum of Level 1 in Wisdom Lore is needed. Additional levels in this skill are not known to affect treatment.

Syntax: treat <target>


To mix, the proper herbs must be gathered and placed into a container. While not yet confirmed, it is assumed that a mixing flask grants the highest chance of successfully mixing. Higher levels of Wisdom Lore reduce the likelihood of failed mixing, the result of which is the loss of one or more of the herbs used.


  • put <ingredients> <container>
  • close <container>
  • mix <container>


Potion Herb Herb Herb Herb Herb
a bubbling draught healall rose sheepstongue
a cup of thick syrup gheandin blossom
gheandin blossom
goatflower healall honey willow
a cup of thready brown tea fennel goatflower
nightsbane willow bark
a thin vial of yellow fluid flatwort
ivy kaf
a tinful of a black, foul liquid fennel
goatflower willow bark
a vial filled with a dark red liquid belladonna
dogwort juniper sunburst
a vial filled with a vivid blue liquid belladonna forkroot
sheepstongue sleepwell

Tip: Humans may give a tinful of a black, foul liquid to the whistling merchant and receive a thin vial of yellow fluid in exchange.

In Game Description[]

Wisdom Lore is a ranger skill allowing them to save incapacitated people
using the flora that they know so well. Using ingredients to form potions,
rangers can aid incapacitated or mortally wounded people.

Practice Cost[]

A skeptical player who is not burdened by (1) a roleplay requirement to practice Wisdom Lore and/or (2) a strict roleplay conduct code which requires them to completely separate their characters should question whether attaining a high level of expertise in this skill is an efficient use of their practices. It stands to reason that a player who goes to the bother of acquiring herbs would want to ensure success with each mix. Therefore, if the player is going to practice wisdom lore they will likely need to do it to a high level. Rather than committing a large number of practices to a skill that has limited use and making sacrifices in other practices, the player could simply create a new character, obtain level 3 and devote all of that character's practices to wisdom lore. It has been the author's experience that level is not relevant in the success rate of mixing potions. The author has never suffered a failure while mixing vials using a throw-away character with all of its practices devoted to wisdom lore.

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