Zone/Sunrise emotes announce that outside rooms in the zone are now set to daytime.

Sunrise messages are displayed when a player is in an outside room at 5am game time.

At 6am game time the message The day has begun. is displayed.

Each zone also has a Zone/Sunset emote.

List of Zone Sunrise Messages[edit | edit source]

Name Number Sunrise Message
A Bandit Stronghold 097 The sun rises.
Almoth Plain - Arad Doman Border 150 The sun rises slowly from behind the Mountains of Mist.
Along the Spine of the World 119 Rays of the golden sun spreads over the rugged hills as the sun rises.
Altaran Countryside 279 edit
Amadicia (zone) 088 A warm glow is cast by the rising sun.
Amadician Countryside 273 A red sun rises in the east, coloring the forest in shades of red and gold.
Amador (zone) 090 The first light of morning shines on Amador.
Andoran Countryside East 295 The sun rises over the peaks of the Spine.
Andoran Countryside West 297 The sun rises.
Arad Doman East 152 The sun peeks above the mountains washing the prairie in a yellow glow.
Arad Doman West 154 edit
Aringill 063 The sun rises.
Atop Garen's Wall 289 The glow of the morning sun filters through the cracks of Garen's Wall.
Baerlon 020 The sun rises.
Bandar Eban (zone) 155 The sun rises.
Barren Hills 142 The sun casts a dim glow across the barren hills.
Beneath the Desolate Mountains 128 A dismal light is cast with the rising of the sun.
Black Hills 027 The sun rises.
Blighted Grove 046 Weak light is cast through the grove as the sun rises.
Blighted Hills 227 edit
Blighted Mountain Pass 113 The dull red sun becomes visible over the high peaks.
Blighted Mountains 111 A dim orange glow spills over the land as the sun rises to the east.
Blighted Ruins 329 A feeble light casts shadows across the ruined landscape.
Blighted Valley 156 edit
Blue and White Ajah Quarters 269 edit
Borderlands North of Fal Dara 082 The sun rises.
Borderlands West of Fal Dara 085 The sun rises.
Braem Wood 017 Dapples of sunlight fall onto the forest floor.
Brown Ajah Quarters and Library 267 edit
Caemlyn Road East of Baerlon 039 The sun climbs slowly above the trees in the east.
Caemlyn Road East of Whitebridge 037 The sun rises.
Caemlyn Road West of Whitebridge 053 edit
Cairhien (zone) 137 The sun peeks over the topless towers of the city.
Cairhien Province 074 edit
Caralain Grass 021 edit
Central Tremalking 246 Amidst soft colors the sun rises above the mountains in the east.
City in the Blight 032 The sun rises.
City of Illian 165 The sun rises.
City of Seandar 173 The Imperial Capital is bathed in a warm glow as the sun rises.
Cold Rocks Hold 124 Heatwaves shimmer as the blistering sun arcs into the sky.
Court of Nine Moons and Tower of Ravens 206 The rising sun announces another day.
Dark Forest 139 edit
Dark Fortress 213 edit
Darkwood 048 The sun rises.
Deadly Braem East The sun rises.
Deadly Braem West The sun rises.
Decayed Forest 107 edit
Deception Pass 064 edit
Deep Forest 089 edit
Deep Within the Blasted Lands 147 A gloomy light is cast across the twisted landscape.
Deep Within the Spine of the World 117 The sun rises above the tops of the black mountains.
Deep in Haddon Mirk 077 The sun rises in the east above the Spine of the World.
Desolate Valley in the Spine 118 edit
Deven Ride 019 The sun rises.
Domani Coastal Palace 100 Warm golden light embraces the palace as the sun rises.
Drowned Lands 140 A bright orange sun rises above the morning fog.
East City of Tanchico 282 Gilded rooftops shimmer as the sun rises above the Tower of Morning.
East Tremalking 247 Sparkles of light dance upon the sea as the sun rises.
East of the Waterwood 096 The sun rises.
Eastern Borderlands 168 The sun peeks over the trees, heralding the dawn of a new day.
Eastern Plains of Maredo 087 edit
Elmora 311 Casting jagged shadows, the sun rises over the Mountains of Mist.
Emond's Field 024 Light splashes across the sky as the sun rises above the rooftops of Emonds Field.
Endless Blight 112 edit
Fal Dara Outskirts 183 Birds begin to chatter as the sun rises.
Fal Dara Road 091 edit
Fal Dara 028 The sun rises in the east breathing life into a new day.
Fallow Hills 157 A sickly reddish glow spreads over the world as the sun returns.
Falme 052 Dawn breaks, painting the sky with pink and amber hues.
Far Madding - Tear Road 105 Rays of light spread over the grasslands, stirring animals to life.
Flood Plains of Seandar 175 The clouds in the east burn pink and violet with the rising of the sun.
Foothills Bordering the Spine 110 The sun rises.
Foothills of Tamika 287 The sky glistens with beams of light as the sun rises over Tamika.
Forested Hills 095 The sun rises.
Forested Valley 083 A light, airy blue through the trees heralds the sunrise.
Forgotten Braem 018 The sun rises.
Fortress of Light Dungeon edit
Fortress of Light 054 The sun rises, bathing the Fortress of Light in a wash of gold.
Four Kings 012 The piercing rays of dawn peek above the eastern horizon.
Garen's Wall 286 The sun's first rays touch the eastern slopes of Garen's Wall.
Glancor 092 Light begins to peak from behind the hills.
Grasslands North of Seandar 174 The sun begins its journey to its peak in the sky.
Grasslands 050 edit
Green and Yellow Ajah Quarters 265 edit
Haddon Mirk 035 edit
High Upon the Spine of the World 116 edit
Hills and Forests of Altara 277 edit
Hooked Peninsula edit
Horse Thief Zone edit
Illian Countryside 166 The sun rises through the lilac and gold tinged clouds in the east.
Illian Peninsula 164 The sun bursts into the eastern skies.
Illian Road 163 A warm glow bathes the Illian road in a bright light.
Illian to Altara Road II 278 edit
Illian to Altara Road I 280 Morning dew glitters in the day's first sunrays.
Imre Stand 067 The hot sun rises above the hard, cracked ground.
In the Aiel Waste 123 edit
In the Forest 066 edit
In the Mountains of Mist 153 The blistering wind gusts with the first rays of dawn over the mountains.
Inner Caemlyn 010 The sun rises over the eastern walls of the castle.
Isle Jafar 080 The sun rises.
Isle of Madmen North The day breaks, and sunlight starts to stream down onto the jungle floor.
Isle of Madmen South The day breaks, and sunlight starts to stream down onto the jungle floor.
Jangai Pass 078 The hot sun rises above the hard, cracked ground.
Jehannah 311 Casting jagged shadows, the sun rises over Garen's Wall.
Kandor (zone) 130 The sun peeks across the scorched hills of Kandor.
King's Palace and Council Hall 189 edit
Kinslayer's Dagger 055 edit
Kirendad Savannah edit
Kirendad edit
Light Woods and Plains 184 Shadows dance as the sun makes its way into the sky.
Lockshear 043 edit
Lugard (zone) 103 The sun starts to rise above the walls of the city.
Lugard Road Through Murandy 162 The lilac blue of dawn begins to grace the sky from the east.
Lugard Rooftops 230 The sun starts to rise above the walls of the city.
Lush Forestland 135 Birds chirp merrily as the sun rises in the east.
Maerone 093 The sun rises.
Maradon 171 The tall towers above you shimmer brightly in the light of the rising sun.
Mayene (city) 160 The sun crests over the towers of Mayene, flooding the city with light.
Mayene Peninsula 159 The orange sun slowly rises from the Sea of Storms.
Mining Tunnels 084 The sun rises.
Mountains of Mist 062 The sun rises.
Moveable Trolloc Camp The light becomes a little brighter.
New Far Madding North Golden rays of sunshine peek over the hills of the surrounding countryside.
New Far Madding South Golden rays of sunshine peek over the hills of the surrounding countryside.
North Misty Mountains 045 The sun rises.
North Road 038 edit
North of Aringill 308 The sun rises.
North of Lockshear 170 edit
Northeast Shores of Tar Valon 340 The golden sun breaches the horizon, burnished rays burning away the night.
Northern Almoth Plain 102 edit
Northern Borderlands 109 edit
Northern Cape edit
Northern Fal Dara Road 076 edit
Northern Peaks of Tamika edit
Northern Plains of Altara 075 Golden rays of morning sun peak from behind the horizon.
Northern Shayol Ghul 167 The boiling red sun slowly rises over the blighted lands.
Northwest Tremalking 244 The shrill call of a jungle bird breaks the silence as the sun rises.
Old Road 036 The sun rises.
Outer Caemlyn 011 The sun rises.
Outskirts of Whitebridge 115 edit
Overgrown Forest 274 edit
Parched Ground 141 The sun rises.
Pine Forest 136 The sun begins to cast an orange glow on the trees as it rises.
Plains Along the Blight Border 131 The sun sets the plains afire as it rises in the east.
Plains of Anangore edit
Plains of Tarabon 312 The sun rises in the eastern sky, setting it afire with color.
Quarry Road edit
Red and Gray Ajah Quarters 268 edit
Rocky Foothills 143 The sun crests the peaks of the Dragonwall to the east.
Rocky Trail 061 The sun rises.
Rugged Hills of Murandy 079 Soft rays of morning sun peak from behind the rolling hills.
Ruined Blight 226 Darkness flees as the sun rises.
Ruins of Rhahime Naille 181 The sun rises, casting bright light to drive away the shadows.
Saldaean Farmlands 145 The sun slowly rises, casting a warm glow across the Saldaean fields.
Saldaean Plains 132 edit
Scorched Earth 158 Weak sunlight strains to brighten this blighted wasteland as the sun rises.
Seanchan Coastal Plains edit
Seanchan Northern Mountains East edit
Seanchan Northern Mountains West edit
Seanchan Northern Tributaries edit
Seanchan Outpost 323 edit
Seanchan Shore 205 The first rays of light peak across the waters of the great sea to the east.
Secluded Valley 306 The sun rises in the eastern sky.
Serenda Palace 272 edit
Serene Countryside 275 Golden rays of the sunshine peek over the treetops to the east.
Shadar Logoth II 014 edit
Shadar Logoth I 013 The sun rises in the east.
Shadowspawn Stronghold 120 edit
Shayol Ghul 033 A dismal light is cast across Shayol Ghul with the rising of the sun.
Snowy Mountains 151 A harsh light emerges as the sun rises.
South Misty Mountains 047 The sun rises.
South of Amador 271 The sun rises.
South of Cold Rocks Hold 125 The first light of morning glows in the eastern sky.
South of Whitebridge 072 The first rays of sun shine on the broken gorge.
Southeast Shores of Tar Valon 338 The fiery colors of dawn settle into the forest with the rising sun.
Southern Almoth Plain 127 edit
Southern Kandor 294 edit
Southern Saldaean Countryside 292 The sun rises.
Southwest Tremalking 245 Colorful birds chirp happily as the sun rises out of the eastern seas.
Sparse Woods 186 The sun's light fills the sky as it rises.
Spine of the World Southern Range 114 Long shadows are cast as the sun rises behind the mountains to the east.
Sprawling Savannah 185 A ball of red light rises slowly from the edge of the grassland, bringing light to the savannah.
Stedding Shangtai 161 edit
Stedding Tsochan 089 Dawn glints through the leaves of Stedding Tsochan.
Stedding Yandar 049 The forest comes to life with the rising of the sun.
Stone Fortress 146 The sun casts its dreary morning light through the hazy sky.
Swampland Peninsula edit
Tanchico Road 134 The first rays of dawn appear in the east.
Tanchico 281 + 282 edit
Tar Valon (zone) 025 The sun casts a golden glow over the city.
Tar Valon Forest 051 The sun rises.
Tar Valon Road North of Caemlyn 040 The sun rises.
Tar Valon Road South of Tar Valon 086 edit
Tarabon Countryside 310 edit
Taren Ferry 023 The sun rises.
Tarendrelle at the Eldar 073 edit
Tarwin's Gap 015 The first light of dawn illuminates Tarwin's Gap.
Tear (zone) 041 The sun peeks over the eastern wall of the city.
Tear Road 094 The darkness turns to a bright haze as the sun breaks the horizon to the east.
Thakan'dar 034 Gloomy light is cast through the dark skies as the sun rises.
The Blasted Lands 129 The sun rises.
The Blight (zone) 029 The sun rises.
The Cairhien Hills 299 edit
The Cairhien to Tar Valon Road 284 edit
The Coastal Roadway 303 As a glorious ball of brightly minted gold, the sun rises in the east.
The Countryside of Far Madding 285 Day breaks over the hills.
The Dark Road 149 The sun casts a dim light through dismal skies.
The Dry Forest 263 edit
The Dying Plains 212 edit
The Dying Woodland 293 edit
The Endless Waste 122 The blistering sun scorches the parched ground.
The Eye of the World (zone) The sun rises, casting light into the shadows.
The Hills of Altara 215 The sun rises.
The Hills of Kintara 065 The sun rises over the eastern hills.
The Illian to Tear Road 302 The sun rises.
The Kandori Keep 334 The sun peaks over the high watchtower of the keep.
The Lakeside of Far Madding 296 A rainbow of colors springs to life above the hills.
The Long Fal Dara Road 144 edit
The Lugard Highway 058 The sun rises.
The North Black Hills 188 The sun rises, cutting through the sharp profiles of rocky mountains.
The Northern Forests of Ghealdan 290 The sun rises.
The Outer Forest of Shadows 291 The sun rises.
The Plain of Lances 182 A brilliant light spreads across the grassland.
The Ruined Keep 056 The darkness leaves.
The Sea of Storms 328 Dawn heralds another storm on the horizon.
The Seanchan Marshes edit
The Shadow Coast East 257 edit
The Shadow Coast West 256 A blanket of heat covers the land as the sun rises.
The South Black Hills 068 The sun rises.
The Still Forest 030 The sun rises.
The Stone of Tear 042 edit
The Sun Palace 138 edit
The Sunken Castle 081 edit
The Tar Valon to Cairhien Road 283 The sun rises.
The Tear to Illian Road 266 The sun rises.
The Volcano 069 The rising sun colors the Westwood red and gold.
The Waterless Sands 180 Light breaks over the horizon through waves of heat as a new day begins.
The Waterwood 026 The sun rises.
The Ways 060 edit
Thin Woodlands 176 Daylight breaches the foliage overhead.
Toman Head Road 204 Creatures begin to stir among the grass as the sun rises in the east.
Treacherous Mountains Within the Spine 121 edit
Tunnels and Caverns Beneath the Blight 169 edit
Twisted Forestlands 101 A dull light is cast through the sickly trees as the sun rises.
Underground 071 edit
Upper Floors of the White Tower 346 edit
Valan Luca's Menagerie 313 The sun rises gloriously above the Menagerie.
Volcanic Blight 202 edit
Wandering the Thick Forest 187 The sun rises.
Waste Bordering the Spine 126 The blazing sun rises over the eastern horizon.
Wastelands 106 The sun rises.
Watch Hill 022 edit
West City of Tanchico 281 The sky brightens as the sun rises over the Tower of Morning.
Western Misty Mountains 070 The sun rises.
Western Peaks of Tamika edit
Western Plains of Maredo 104 edit
Westwood by the Mountains 179 The symphony of bird song fills the air as the sun filters through the trees.
White Tower (zone) 057 The White Tower's spire gleams softly in the first light of a new day.
Whitebridge 016 edit
Windbiter's Finger North 258 The sun creeps up from below the black towering peaks.
Windbiter's Finger South 259 The sun creeps up from below the black towering peaks.
Windy Plains 178 The blustery plains are lit up with the sunrise.
Withered Forest 203 edit
Wooded Countryside of Altara 276 edit
Woodlands of Saldaea 133 The sun peaks over the treetops, shedding light across the land.
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